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Congratulations! You decided to start a new goal so you are about to change your life. Just because you decided to work on your personal growth, it doesn't mean you have to be alone. Having an accountability buddy will help you on your journey. Get the level of accountability that works for you with Uloo and take massive action towards your goal!

Accountability Groups

Join small groups, share your experience with others and grow together.

1:1 Coaching

Get professional coachings by one of our experts and unlock your true self.

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Take actions to master every area of your life

Create healthier, wealthier and more fulfilling routines easily with our goal setting tool. Commit to your continuous personal development and take the first step today toward the person you deserve to be. Track any of these goals:

Mindful eating

Diet with no carbs

Be more productive

Read more books

Start a morning routine

Learn how to meditate

Run twice per week

And much more

Self improvement together in a mastermind group with Uloo

Build powerful and lasting habits together

Join an accountability group on our app (aka: squad) and increase yourchances of achieving your goals by 95%. Hold yourself accountable to a teamworking on the same goal, share your experience, your tips, your success and failures to boost your life. Get your friends to join you in your team and reach your dreams together. Make true and lasting change while enjoying the journey. Your personal development will never be the same!

A chat for your goals & accountability

A chat built for Goal Tracking

Uloo created a chat that has goal tracking and privacy at its core. When you join one of our Live Challenges, you'll easily see the task for today created by your host. As you work together to accomplish the challenge, share your progress, tips, stories and cheer your squad up.

Empower yourself with mentoring and coaching

Our hand-selected coaches and mentors will become your best cheerleaders to renew your energy and help you gain the confidence to change your life. Your coach or mentor will become the trusted friend who has been there before and who wants to guide you, inspire you and give you the advice you need to take action. Book your first mentoring session for free on the app and get to know your mentor!


Mindful Mornings with Patrick

from Tuesday July 27, 2021 until Wednesday August 18, 2021

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