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In everything I have an interest in, I have a fierce desire to give back and pay it forward.

I am a product of mentorship and believe in it deeply.

For yoga, I have just launched my own wellness and yoga brand in South Africa. I have my own kids yoga business and I specialize in teaching toddlers

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Truly amazing mentor

What is the difference that this mentorship has had on you personally? You kindly shared your your wisdom on your respective journey. You gave me stimulation in my life. We built a relationship based on openness. And I found a truly amazing mentor.


Having Ashnee as my mentor has changed my life in ways that I didn't know existed. She guided and mentored me patiently, helping me to go for what I want in life. I have learnt to plan for my future and how to realise my dreams. Our mentoring sessions always give me something to look forward to and they provide me with an opportunity to forget everything and focus on myself. I have learned to take time off to do self introspection and goals assessment often. Ashnee provides unbiased advice and guidance wherever needed. She has helped me to establish what the most important aspects of my life are and how to strike a balance between them. In the past 3 years, I have grown emotionally, spirituality and intellectually through my engagement with Ashnee. She has played a huge role in my journey of self development. And that, I will always be grateful for.

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