The number one way to "Creating Positive Change" in your life

December 19, 2018 by Patrick Kozakiewicz


When I was a teenager life felt so unfair and it seemed like everything was out to get me. I was making negative choices left and right, some of them where even horrible. It took me many years and lots of hard work to make a positive change. And, I don’t wish such a long process to anyone, so therefore, I will share some insights for you below.

How does one create positive change in one's life? Where do I even start?

Well, you can search the web and find thousands of suggestions, 7 tips & tricks, 3 steps to change, etc. You could also watch videos like a personal favorite of mine Jim Butchers talk at TedxUSU, you can talk with friends and family or you can join a workshop and find yourself sitting in a room with others trying to change? All these sound great and they definitely support your decision for changing, however, it still isn't enough.

Once, I understood that theory wasn’t enough, it changed my life.

First and foremost, the former is not tailored for you. For your mindset, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses. As in, how well does a search engine match your specific persona, environment and schedule? Moreover, we all have different preferences in what kind of environment we spend time in, learning styles on the other hand are still debatable. The Journal of Educational Psychologyfound no relationship between the study subjects’ learning-style preference (visual or auditory) and their performance on reading — or listening — comprehension tests.

Second, we need support with our positive change, continuously, throughout the day, throughout the week. The Positivity Blogdescribes how just 2 minutes spread out throughout the day can support. This is key as we need advice through the change, not just at the beginning. It’s like what is missing often is an assistant or coach that is there for you when you need them. Sure, you can read a few articles and/or books, but books and articles are not real, they don't interact with you like that of another human, there is very little feedback loop.

Third, while a workshop might work, as we know having support from a group of people, a community, does accelerate change, it doesn't necessarily put you in a room with others who are trying to meet the same goal. For one a positive change would be to lose 50 pounds, for another it would be to start meditating and a third would like to travel more. Change for everyone is unique.

So, what's the number one way to Create a Positive Change for your life?

Find or build a group of individuals, locally & virtually, who are trying to create the same positive change while being supported by a coach, someone with experience, someone who has been there also. This way you are in an environment continuously accessible which is heading toward the same direction and can support and encourage each other.

What makes it so special is that your group or "squad" is assigned a coach, like Magdalena Pieklo, who will guide and support you and the group in achieving their positive change. This way, you have something tailored for you, always there providing you live and real support and feedback and the power of the group and coach.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Well…, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with Uloo.

And you? Share in the comments below the story that changed your life.

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