A store for your personal growth

May 24, 2019 by Pierre Bouilliez


At Uloo.me we have the mission to help everyone in achieving their goals. We already made it easier with our app Uloo.me that connects people with the same goals so they can progress together.

We want to build a place where the journey of achieving a goal becomes the adventure of a lifetime because the best story is the one we live ourselves. We believe that when we give to everyone the resources to become a better self, they can achieve great things. And today, we are making one big step to make it easier.

We are now introducing our Uloo store for personal growth. We are redefining the way we are achieving our goals. On this store, you can book sessions with mentors to help you grow. Those mentors went through the same steps as you and can support you to achieve your goals. Our second set of products on sale are motivational and inspirational stickers to stick on your laptop or fridge to boost your motivation everytime you see them.

Where can I buy a session with a mentor and buy motivational stickers?

The Uloo store is directly available within the app, inside the squad. Or you can also reach it on store.uloo.me.

Mentors are people like you who achieved or ar further in the goal that you want to achieve. So they can guide you and motivate you to achieve your goals based on their experience. In a one-to-one meeting, you get a unique experience to boost your motivation.

We are super excited to launch this store.

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