5 Steps to Establishing A Structured Coaching Session

February 07, 2021 by Fergie Verantianes


When coaching someone, it's important to have a structured coaching session. This will help ensure that both the coach and client are on the same page and that the client is getting what they need from the coaching relationship. In this blog post, we'll outline five steps for establishing a structured coaching session. By following these steps, you'll create a foundation for success that both you and your clients can rely on!

1. Define What It Is and What It Is Not

One of the first steps in establishing a structured coaching session is defining what it is and what it is not. This will help to clarify the focus of the session. For you as a coach, having the focus will help you pinpoint the core goal or issue that you will need to work on. For your client, this act of defining the focus will help manage their expectation from this specific session.

The tip here is to not leave any grey area. Be specific when discussing this definition and make sure that you and your coaching client are on the same page. Even if your coaching expertisecovers a larger area, such as Life Coaching or Career Coaching, dig deeper into the client's main concerns and intentions so that you get into a more specific subject to focus on. Some starter questions that you can use: What is this session needed? What goal or issue the client would like to focus on for this session?

2. Formulate The Outcome of This Session

Based on the focus of the session, help your client to formulate the outcome of this specific session. This outcome or the objectives should be measurable. Your coaching client might need more help in navigating what kind of outcome they can attain, therefore you can guide them with some questions to help them envision their desires. By pinning down the outcome, your coaching client will have a better sense of accomplishment and direction if they can see the end goal upfront.

As a coach, it is also important for you to set realistic expectations for your clients. Help them understand that some goals may take multiple coaching sessions or group coaching formatin order to achieve. So guide them and set the boundaries on what is achievable within this coaching session.

3. Coaching Process

This is where your coaching takes its action. Based on the focus and the outcome, work together with the client to explore different actions, different perspectives, and different possible solutions.

The key to nailing this process is to guide the client in navigating their ability and their potential. Giving examples might help but be careful in doing it in a way that will not lead clients into comparison. Instead, try to uncover your clients' potential. It will be helpful to work together with your client by asking some reflective questions such as: What would be the best solution for you? What changes it might take? What differences it might do?.

4. Action Plan and Commitment

Invite your client to choose the actions they would like to commit to. Structure the plan together with your clients on how to do these actions. On the other side, don't forget to lay down the obstacles that might challenge your client's commitment in doing the actions. What would support your client to prevent or overcome those obstacles? Answering this will help them be more aware and exercise to strengthen their commitment.

5. Method for Accountability

Partner with your client in holding their commitment to themselves. Use coaching tools such as Uloo Coaching Chatto assign them homework or activities that will keep them accountable in-between sessions. Based on your coaching niche and the focus discussed in this session you can formulate the right method and activities that will be best to support your clients being accountable, such as journaling, meditation, or quick assessment. Using specific tools built for coaching like Uloo Coaching Chat, you also get to track your client's progress and help them in completing the activities.

Those are the 5 steps on how to establish a structured coaching session, that will help you deliver success for your clients, increase their satisfaction with your coaching, and therefore keep them as clients for a longer time.

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