5 important reasons why you need a mentor (and how to find one)

April 8, 2020 by Pierre Bouilliez and Patrick Kozakiewicz


You need a mentor.!

Period, exclamation mark, or whatever you need at the end of that sentence to get how serious we are.

Do you know why?

Well, mentors are the secret key to increasing the speed it takes you to unlock your potential, building powerful habits and realizing your goals!

I know this isn’t convincing even. We know because we hear this often. We also hear, “but there are so many e-learning courses out there, why is a mentor needed?”

Or, “why would I need a mentor when I can just go about searching the web and reading online forums?”

And even if you are seriously looking for a mentor because you understand their importance, you may be saying the following: “Where can I find a good mentor?” and so on and so forth.

Mentors are invaluable. Mentors motivate. They push you to go further and each time you encounter a challenge they make you realize it is an opportunity. They are there for you when you need and don’t need them. Their advice protects you from missteps and encourages you to make changes.

Based on years of personal experience being and working with mentors, we came up with these top 5 reasons why you need a mentor:

1. They prepare you for change

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

We will never emphasize this enough but one of the key elements to achieve your goals is to get the right mindset. And who else than someone who already achieved this goal to guide you into this agile and growth mindset? They understand the power and frequency of change. Mentors will prepare you mentally and emotionally for the ever changing dynamic of the world.

2. They coach you as well

The main difference between a coach and a mentor is that a coach “asks questions,” and let’s you go through the challenge that way. A mentor can both ask questions and “tell you,” what they would do in your situation. This allows you to gain additional perspectives, exercise emotional and social intelligence(the ability to be aware of our own and others’ feelings – in the moment – and use that information to lead yourself and others) and thus increase productivity.

3. They help you set goals

Mentors provide that additional level of clarity and depth. They can run through the goals, steps, targets and strategies with you. They will question your thinking and never let you settle and become complacent unless you have reached your goal.

4. They can save your time

The beauty of setting goals is of course to achieve them. When we reach our targets, we feel more energized and satisfied. There is something empowering and rewarding about achieving goals. On the opposite side, not reaching your goal and feeling stuck at one point makes you feel worse. This is where mentors could help, by sharing their experience and what they learnt along the way, they can help you save weeks or years in achieving your goals. Of course, there is no magical wand that can do your goal for you but see a mentor as an empowering tool.

5. They increase your accountability

We already discussed the power of accountability to achieve your goalsin a previous blog and how joining a squad on Uloo can hold you accountable to a small team to increase your chances of achieving your goals. When you have a mentor, you can do monthly check-ins and see with them how you are progressing and where you are blocked. By the end of a session, you’ll see the progress you did and leave with concrete actions and solutions.

Find the right mentor for you

Finding the right mentor used to be difficult: you had to go through multiple channels to find a mentor and it was difficult to know how your personality would match and if that person had time to be your mentor.

Now, there is an easy and simple way to find the right mentor for you. Simply browse through the list of mentors on Ulooand create the first contact with your mentor. Every mentor offers a free first session so you could test out and see which one is the perfect fit for you.

All the mentors you’ll see on Uloo are carefully selected by our team so you always get the best experience with qualified mentors. We work closely with our mentors and coaches to always create the most valuable sessions for you. With our unique approach and culture, we’ll make sure you live your best life.

We truly believe that mentors are a most valuable resource so many people do not take advantage of and if you look at the most successful individuals in society, well, guess what: they all have mentors. Remember, it starts with you, it starts with taking a first step of booking that mentor session on Uloo.

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