Today is a gift

Building has been an awesome adventure. Here is our story.

  1. Starting to send motivational cards to our colleagues

    We started to send some positive messages and quotes to our colleagues via the internal chat. We were so happy to see the positive impact we were making with such simple messages.

  2. Personal development

    We took some time to question ourselves about what makes a good life and how we could convert this learning into a website or an app.

  3. Launched a basic website

    We created a basic website to store motivational quotes and to send them to other users. We called this website Wall of Quotes. We learned so much by doing this thanks to our users.

  4. Birth of

    We changed our name to as we were more than quotes. We took the indian name for a Owl (with a typo), which also stands for yoULive Only Once.

  5. First 100 users

    We had our friends on the app and it was cool to see that more people were joining.

  6. Introducing squads

    We discovered that people having the same goal would like to be more connected together so we created a space for them to meet other people with the same goal and progress together.

  7. Selling Stickers

    To fulfill our vision of creating a world where everyone can find their purpose, we created motivational and inspirational stickers with quotes.

  8. Working on the future

    Always doing better to help you achive your personal growth objectives.