30 days to mindfully enter the new year with Patrick

from Thursday December 3, 2020 until Sunday January 3, 2020






We will start the challenge on Thursday December 3, 2020 at 5.00 PM for 50 minutes

And we will do it until Sunday January 3, 2021. so feel free to jump in at any time.


A few weeks ago, we introduced our community to something new: the Uloo Live Challenges. They create a supportive environment to achieve your goals surrounded by a mentor and a community.

In every Live Challenge, one of our mentors creates a challenge with direct actions you can take to achieve this goal. We will work on it as a team and support each other in the squad that has been created in the Uloo App.

Concretely, we start the challenge with a call on Zoom with our mentor and all the participants to understand the process and get started. The daily activities will be announced in the squad. There you can share pictures, ask questions and support each other in the progress.


My mindfulness journey began at the age of 11 as I studied the Martial Arts of Shaolin Kung Fu and, while I did have my mind”less”ness years, I have been continuing the practice to this day. Actually, for the past few years, I have fully dedicated my life to it (personally and professionally). Not only from the many certifications I now hold or the courses I created but more importantly by the hundreds of thousands of lives I have changed, by the communities built and by the way I know can be with myself.

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We are what we practice. And guess what, we are practicing all the time. Think about your habits, about how you react to things everyday, about all the chatter in your mind. Everything you do, everything you think is a form of a practice. So, my question to you is how have you been practicing your attention, your emotional management, your relationships (with others and yourself) this year? And how will you be practicing in the new year?

We will answer these and many more questions during our 30 day challenge together as we will be reflecting back on the past year, the new year and most importantly, the present. We will be practicing “being mindful” formally and informally, with daily activities, challenges, interactions and more.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert in the field there will be something for everyone. What’s most important is that we will be there together, supporting each other and working as a community to all become mindful, of ourselves, each other and the world around us.


This challenge takes place on the Uloo app that you can download for free.

Once on the app, just join the goal "30 days to mindfully enter the new year" and you'll join a squad of motivated people working on the same goal.

Every day, you'll receive a mindful task to perform from Patrick.



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