Why write for Uloo?

Share your wisdom

Humanity is looking up to you as a coach. Sharing your wisdom, inspiration, and motivation could help a lot of people who seek guidance.

Build your credibility

As you are walking the path of your coaching journey, you might find that it is crucial to gain the trust of your audience and potential clients. Writing for Uloo will allow you to build and strengthen your credibility.

Expand your reach

Attract more people and expand your reach by writing for Uloo. You will receive credit as the author of the blog post and links to your existing platforms (website, social media, or your Uloo profile). This will help you build a healthy online presence and good quality of traffic.

What can you write?

Uloo Blog is dedicated as a bank of resources to support personal growth, both for learners and coaches. We will accept and publish your blog post as long as it has personal growth at the core.

Our mission here is to be a trustable resource in the personal growth and coaching field. We believe that together we can deliver valuable content that speaks to people.

Posts related to your expertise or niche as a coach

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-awareness
  • Relationship
  • Career transition
  • Business & entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable living

Posts related to your journey and learning in coaching

  • Getting certified as a coach
  • Marketing for coaches
  • Tips for discovery calls
  • Coaching methods


  1. You are listed as a coach in Uloo.
  2. All blog posts must be original and haven’t been published anywhere else on the web. If you quote other content, please include a link to it.
  3. Blog posts should have a minimum of 750 words.
  4. Blog posts should follow the formatting providedand be easy to read. Use headings and break up lengthy paragraphs to have more structured writing.
  5. Kindly include internal links to other pages or blog posts in Uloo when possible. By default, we will link the author’s name to your coach profile page in Uloo.
  6. You may include a maximum of 2 follow links to your website or content outside Uloo to be added inside each blog post.
  7. In the author's short bio, you may include 1 link to your main website or social media profile with a brand name anchor text.
  8. Your blog post is relevant to Personal Growth and doesn’t contain hate, political or religious opinion, neither sexual, neither inappropriate content.

Guest Post Submission

  1. Follow the format of our Guest Post Exampleto write your guest post.
  2. Submit your guest post file (.doc, .docx, Google Doc link, or .pdf) via email to [email protected]. Kindly write the email’s subject as Guest Post Submission by (Your Name). For example: Guest Post Submission by Pierre Bouilliez.
  3. We will review your submission within 2 working days. If your guest post meets the requirements, we will then publish it on our website and you will receive a notification via email.