Why is Inclusiveness Important in the Workplace?

September 14, 2021 by Fergie Verantianes


For a while, the world has encouraged and progressed towards diversity. We see now that diversity is being practiced more and more in companies, organizations, and communities. More conscious decisions are made to balance members by involving people from different backgrounds, range of ages, religions, and ethnicities.

However, diversity is only half of the package in building a positive culture. The next further step is what makes the impact, which is inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is not only about having a diverse set of people, but it is about creating a supportive environment where these people are respected and appreciated. The discussion on practicing inclusiveness in the workplace is rising, and here are the reasons why inclusiveness is important.

Happier & Committed People

On the personal level, practicing inclusiveness in the workplace results in happier people. Based on Limeade Institute's research, when employees feel included, they have greater well-being in their lives (19%), they are more engaged at work (28%), they are more committed to the company (43%), they are more likely to recommend the company as a great place to work (51%), and intend to stay in the company 3 times longer than usual.

Better Collaboration, Better Innovation

While inclusiveness helps each team member feels belong and connected to others at work, at the same time, it encourages stronger team bonds to collaborate toward shared goals (McKinsey). Supported by different individual views and backgrounds, inclusiveness will lead the company to novel ideas and innovations.

Boosting Your Business

On the enterprise level, the impact is promising. According to Juliet Bourke (Australian Institute of Company Directors), with inclusiveness infused in the workplace culture, the company is 3 times likely to be high-performing, 6 times more likely to be agile and quick to respond to changes, and 8 times more likely to achieve better outcomes.

From the reasons above, we understand that inclusiveness only brings positive outcomes both for the people and for the business. Why not start practicing inclusiveness? Join us on our next Group Coaching Program with Laurenceon Improve Your Inclusiveness, starting 20 September. Learn more about the challenge and join here.

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