Tips to live your best life in self-isolation (special coronavirus)

April 8, 2020 by Pierre Bouilliez and Mariella Kliman


In these difficult days of self-isolation selfcare is more important than ever. However difficult this isolation can be, it can be a chance to do all the things we always wanted to do.

We’ve prepared for you a list of 6 things that you can do to take care of yourself during this difficult time:

1. Have a morning routine

You don’t have to spend a long time commuting these days so why not set up a morning routine that could energize you for the day! Your morning routine doesn’t have to be long, even 5 or 10 minutes are enough to help you start your day with a positive mind. Take this time to take care of yourself. It could be practising a yoga sessionto help you stretch after a long night, doing some meditation and gratitude by encouraging other people on Uloo. It could even be a mix, everyone has his/her own needs, find yours by trying different routines and sharing them with your squad on Uloo.

2. Journal

If you find yourself anxious about everything that has been going on or if there is something else going on in your life that makes you worry, try to write it down. Journaling can be a really easy but very effective way to deal with your feelings. It’s basically free therapy, no place for judgement here. Take a notebook and start writing down what comes to your mind, whatever it is, just write it down. It could be writing about the dream you had last night, the day you had, planning your goals and what you want to reach or just writing about what you are grateful for.

3. Work out

Self-isolation reduces the number of steps we take per day so now it is more important than ever to work out in order to stay healthy and fit. Exercising canboost your immune systemand reduce your stress level. You don’t need so much space to practise, do some push ups through the day, yoga poses or other kinds of workouts that you can find for example on Youtube. Join a squad of people also working out at home on Uloo and share your workout.

4. Get that coaching session you always wanted to take

Why not take this time to make some progress on your life goals? Plus Uloo Premium is free for 3 months so if you want to track all your goals and join exclusive calls and work on guided goals (including the secret to achieving goals), just try it out. Get some extra boost to achieve your goals and give yourself a coaching session with a coach or a mentor on Uloo! Our hand-selected coaches and mentors will become your best cheerleaders to renew your energy and help you gain the confidence to change your life. Your coach or mentor will become the trusted friend who has been there before and who wants to guide you, inspire you and give you the advice you need to take action. Book your first mentoring session for free on the app and get to know your mentor!

5. Meditate

Another way to relieve the stress of self-quarantine is to meditate. Some meditation apps like Headspace are offering up free content to meditateat home. To truly experience meditation, you must do it regularly. You can easily do that by joining a team of other people practising meditation on Uloo and keep you accountable.

6. Try cooking a new dish

Why not learn how to cook like a chef or change your diet? You can join a Premium Goal on Uloo about Eating Mindfully and another one to eat more plant-based food curated by one of our mentors (join now and get 3 month of Uloo Premium for free). Open your storage and see what you can do with the ingredients you have, you’ll be astonished by what you can do with basic ingredients like baking bread or making a nice presentation for your dish.

Let us know in the comments below how you spend your time during the pandemic and which new goal you set to yourself?

Stay safe and live your best life!

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