When personal growth becomes an adventure

October 16, 2018 by Pierre Bouilliez


A few years ago, when we started Uloo, it was simply by sending motivational cards to friends. At that time, we didn't know exactly what the product will be but we knew what we wanted to do: build a place where everyone could be a better self.

Today, after years of researches, discussions, feedback and development, Uloo is proud to announce that we created Uloo Island.

How Uloo Island can make you grow?

Growing is not something easy, it requires self-discipline and a lot of courage. From our experiences and our researches, we discovered that being surrounded by peoplewho also want to grow makes the journey easier.

This is why, we created Squads: groups of a maximum of 8 people who have the same objective. By sharing personal experiences, achievements and failures on the road to success, squad-mates help each other to progress. This is what makes our squads so special: real people growing together. It is not a robot who reminds you every day at 9am to work out, but those are people, made of flesh and blood who share the good and bad times they overcame, while trying to improve.

Why Uloo Island?

When we created the app, we came up with a simple way to interact with our users, which was to create a brand new fake continent on the map of the world. This is how Uloo Island was born.

How can you be part of it?

Are you motivated to grow, ready to help others on their way to grow and to try out something nobody has ever done before? Then signup on Uloo and join squaddirectly from the app.

Under construction

Uloo is still a startup and we are focusing on serve a few user as best as we can to create a unique experience on Uloo. Therefore, we are focusing first on squads related to Mindfulness. Of course, there will be more squads related to other objectives in the future.

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