How to be mindful with Uloo

March 7, 2019 by Pierre Bouilliez

picture of a guy being mindful

Congrats, you took the decision to become more mindful. That’s a first step to become a new you.

All too often, we read books and articles on how to become more mindful. And then we are stuck not knowing how to apply them or how to achieve this objective.

This is why we built Uloo. We carefully designed it to guide the users to be more mindful. We believe that you can become more mindful by using an app and turning your mind into a peaceful place.

Here are 4 reasons to use Uloo to become more mindful:

1. Focus on the present

While many other apps force you to scroll down and thinking about thousands things at the same time, Uloo invites you to write a card to motivate someone else. That way, while doing a simple positive task, you have to be really focused on what you do and what you write.

Wherever you are, be totally there.

Eckhart Tolle

2. Get in a giving mind

Hopefully, you will receive positive cards during your day. Take some time to think that someone you don’t know took 1 minute to write you something positive and to motivate you. Keeping this in mind will help you to think about where something come from while creating a giving and positive tone to your day.

3. It reminds you to be mindful

When you join Uloo, you are asked to pick your objective so other user can help you to reach your goal. Everytime you will receive a message, you will be reminded to be mindful ;-).

4. Exchange with peers

It is hard to achieve an objective like this being alone. By joining one squad on Uloo, you are part of a small team of 8 people that want to achieve the same objective as you. So you can track your progress and share what you learn together.

Ready to make your life better and be more mindful?

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