How Gratitude Can Make You Happier?

September 15, 2021 by Fergie Verantianes


Many studies and researches are exploring the relationship between gratitude and happiness. In The Science of Gratitude, Summer Allen says that even though some factors may render the outcome differently, studies have shown that in general, more grateful people are happier, more satisfied with their lives, and experience better well-being. But, how exactly gratitude can make people happier? Let's take a look at the three mechanisms of how gratitude supports well-being.

No More Taking For Granted

Scientifically, one explanation is that gratitude prevents hedonic adaptation. Hedonic adaptation is a concept when people have reached their peak of contentment and therefore they do not enjoy them as much. Instead, being grateful encourages people to focus on the good things in life and not taking them for granted. By finding goodness and positivity, people are more satisfied and can enjoy whatever circumstances.

Kicking Out The Negative

Gratitude is one of the strong positive emotions that can undo negative emotions. Negative emotional processes that hold unhappiness may be canceled out by focusing attention on the positivities. By focusing on positive emotions through gratitude, we can reduce the pain of negative experiences.

Towards A Better You

Expressing gratitude leads and motivates people towards even more positive habits and behaviors. Gratitude is a form of self-awareness, and people can benefit from it by understanding and improving themselves.

Now that you know more about the science behind gratitude and happiness, why don't you try it with us? Stay tuned for our next Group Coaching Programs.

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