Guide To Create Your Signature Group Coaching Program

December 20, 2021 by Fergie Verantianes


Are you a coach who is looking to run the best group coaching program? You might come from the 1-to-1 coaching model and would like to scale in terms of quantity with group coaching. It surely is not easy. The main challenge here is to transfer your coaching program from a very much personalized 1-to-1 session to a shared group program without losing your coaching quality. If you are mulling over the idea should you scale or not, we encourage you to go for it! And worry not, you're in the right place! In this post, we'll show you how to create and structure your group coaching content that will engage your clients and help them get the most out of your program. So read on to learn more!

The What: Identify The Common Goals

The group coaching program that you have in mind should be tailored to the common goals of your clients and which area of personal growth that they are focusing on. On one hand, your signature program should provide valuable content based on your expertise. This is true and important to stick to your focused niche. But remember that it is more about the helping hand that you provide for your clients to maximize their potential. This means that you need to put their goals as a focus. From your 1-to-1 sessions, try to identify the desires that your clients or your target market often mention. They surely are varied, but you can find the one ultimate goal many of your clients share.

For example, one client wants to learn to manage their money, another client wants to start investing their saving, and another one wants to simply make more money. Even though they are going in different directions, they share a common desire, which is all about money, or better - finance. So your group coaching program can be about financial wellbeing. Combining this with the collective desired results and your signature framework, you'll already have the name or title of your group coaching program. Inspire yourself by exploring the group coaching programsor Group Coaching Programs that our Uloo coaches have launched.

The key is to find the right level of what your group coaching program offers. It needs to be general enough to cater to more people, but it needs to be specific enough that it can be relatable to individual goals.

The Who: Highlight The Shared Traits

In planning your signature group coaching program, the group members are as much important as the content itself. Much like the goals, the group members should share similar traits or characteristics, in a way that they can relate to each other.

It is encouraged that the group coaching programyou're creating should be able to accommodate people from different backgrounds and with different personalities. However, for the group members to feel safe and connect with each other, there is a need for a correlation or a kind of kinship between the members. It will be more attractive if you as a coach also share this trait with the group. While this group will have its own set of diverse needs and challenges, the shared traits will bond them together, and you will have their full trust.

Continuing the example of the financial wellbeing topicthat we have outlined in the point above. You can identify your focus of interest and expertise as the shared traits, for example, digital nomad. So the group coaching program can be “Financial Wellbeing For Digital Nomads”. If you want to open to a much larger group, you can go by the demographic category that you want to target and that you belong to. For example, “Financial Wellbeing For Female Millennials”.


By targeting a certain audience, you are not only narrowing down to your niche and expertise, but you get to group like-minded people by these traits. Potential participants will identify themselves better with the group with the help of this definition and will feel more comfortable sharing their coaching journey in a group setting.

The How: Structure Your Framework

When it comes to structuring your coaching content, you should always focus on the desired outcome. This is similar to when you structure the framework of your 1-to-1 sessions. It must be relevant, useful, and interesting if you want to keep the participating group members hooked. The main difference is to widen the framework to address more clients’ needs. Here's the question you should be asking yourself when you are pinning down the content to the framework: "Can this be applied to all members of the group?"

It is recommended that the first activity of the group coaching program starts with assessment. Make sure to assess the core problems of each group member, their current set of skills, and their motivations to take on this coaching program.

From the assessment, you get to understand your clients' challenges, what's holding them back, and how they can improve. The next step is to identify the patterns from the group members and translate this into content and activities with your signature method of coaching. It will be best to include varied formats of activities: meditation, journaling, workbooks, articles, and resources for learning, live call sessions to discuss specific issues, daily check-ins, and many more. All need to be structured based on your coaching framework and path that will help your group members to finally achieve their desired results and goals.

The Fun Touch: Group Dynamic

On one hand, as a coach, you get to leverage the group coaching program to scale your business, but on the other hand, the group members can also benefit more from the program with the fact that they are doing this together. So, maximize the group dynamic!

Use the group dynamic to your advantage by encouraging group members to motivate each other and keep each other accountable. As a group coach, you can be more efficient when you can multiply your coaching efforts through an interactive group coaching program. Let the members share their results with everyone in the group so that they will be more motivated and cheer each other. Incorporate content or activities that both strengthen and take advantage of the group. It can be sharing their thoughts and giving reactions to their favorite share, teaming up to do a part of the workbook, group meditation, and the most fun of all is the group live sharing session.

The main challenge of creating and running a group coaching program in the virtual world is the lack of human interaction. But as a coach, you can build the framework surrounding the interconnectedness of the group members, and this certainly can be done virtually. Many coaching platforms nowadays offer the tools built specifically to support coaches like you running your sessions online. One simple example is the group chat. Instead of only coaching your group with weekly live group sessions via videoconference, adding a group chat into the program is definitely a must. By having a group chat, your group members can interact with each other, learn from and motivate one another. You can explore the group chatthat is built specifically for group coaching programs like Uloo, where your content and activities are integrated into the chat as a pinned to-do list for each member to tick off. You also get to track the progress of the group, both individually and collectively. This allows you to assess and get insights into your group members in a way that you can also alter or fine-tune the next activities as necessary.

With specific tools like Uloo group chat for coaching, your group coaching program can be interactive and engaging with no technical hassle, while you get to focus on your coaching. It is important for you as a coach to immerse yourself in the group and facilitate their bonding. It will help you drive a positive dynamic for the group to complete the coaching program together.

Planning and creating your signature group coaching program is no easy task, but it is a necessary step if you would like to level up and scale your coaching business. All you need to do is to identify the common goals, highlight the shared traits of the group, structure your framework, and encourage a positive group dynamic. Make sure also to include the necessary technology that will help you create your group coaching program much easier such as Uloo. By following this checklist, you can ensure that your signature coaching program will support you to scale while maintaining your coaching quality.

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