Alone we are strong...
Together we are stronger

September 30, 2019 by Patrick Kozakiewicz


I recently stumbled across this videoon youtube that really got me thinking about how much we can accomplish together. While, it isn’t the happiest of videos, as it highlights the world we live in, it does leave us with a strong message. And even though the video was produced by Greenpeace, this article is not about the environment. It is about the power of community.

In the video they brilliantly showed how powerful we become when we are together, when we form a community with a common target or goal.

Think about it? Isn’t it better in a community?

Aren’t there more advantages than disadvantages in a community?

I mean think about the times when people rallied up together for a cause and made a change i.e. any major environmental disaster, breast cancer awareness and the burning of Notre Dame. Alone, it would be very difficult to make a difference in those scenarios just mentioned, but together, we can do a lot.

Furthermore, each one of us has a hard-wired longing for belonging, feeling warmth and love, accepted, validated, etc. We want to be with others. We have evolved to be in groups and communities. If you don’t believe me check out Howard Partridge”s TED talk.

Let’s start from a very basic level. We can all agree that in many cases there is safety in numbers. Of course, except if the Titanic is sinking and your numbers are too great for the lifeboats. Nonetheless, in most cases, it works so and the Belgian transportation company "De Lijn" shows how it is safer to travel together with this funny commercial.

However, the concept of communities, living, breathing and working together in an area or neighborhood has shifted. Because now we are part of many groups and communities virtually. Yet, even though we are more connected, digitally, than ever before, many of us have never felt as isolated and alone. Crazy right?

So why do we feel so alone?

Well, maybe because we don’t use the communities like we used to and the virtual ones don’t create a real sense of being together, seeing each other daily, talking about what is currently going on, etc.

For one thing, many of the online committees are very big, too large for us to feel connected. Second, the interactions within those communities are pretty limited in the sense that there is no way to have everyone say hello and talk to each to each other every day if there are thousands of people in this community. Thirdly, we don’t really join such large communities to work on personal goals and or habit creations usually we join a fan group, or a network dedicated to a certain topic and not necessarily a group dedicated to making positive habits or realizing your goals.

There could also be good reasons why you don’t want to join a community. You might be pushed away by the fact you don’t know people. Or, they can have different beliefs than me, they can vote in different ways, have a conflicting view of the after-life, etc.. Whatever it is. Or you like to do things alone without the interference of others. Power to you.

The only thing I can think of for the being alone preference is, you are right, yet,

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.

Emily Kimbrough

and when it comes to diversity, and having a global community can have profound advantages, and Heinekenshowed us exactly how with this video.

So, why being in a community for my personal growth can make me better?

Well, here are three reasons why:

1. Collective Power.

Even with google by our side, no one person ever has all the answers. Consulting, talking and learning from others is very empowering. Plus you can get a ton of new ideas from others. Moreover, often our goals are big and overwhelming and having others to support you, to believe in you, goes a long way. Especially when it comes to motivating you.

2. Accountability.

The literature tells us that when you involve others in your goal or habits, you are more likely to complete them. If you are surrounded by others who know what your goals are, they can keep you accountable.

3. Connection.

It is as simple as this, when we feel safe and connected, we perform better. When spend less time and energy worrying and being fearful. Which means more time for your new habits and more time for your goals. Just having other people there to say, “hello,” or “how are you” makes us feel better, more engaged and more productive. Just having listening ears or additional working hands makes us stronger. And these sort of things, often, are very priceless.

Where to find a group to achieve my goals?

So this is where Uloo comes in. We understand the power of community and have found a delicate balance between individuality and the community in order to create the habits you want, reach the goals you want and grow as a human. We harness the power of real true genuine community to with your individualists' goals and expectations.

All you do is figure out a goal or goals you have. If you have trouble with this, check out our blogabout it. Once you have your goal in mind we put you in squad of individuals from around the world that have the same goal. Your squad will hold you accountable to achieve your goals together, share your progress, tips, failures, learnings...

Create your free account on Uloo, invite some friends over and join a squad. Uloo Premiumis at 50% off.

In case you are not yet convinced, here are some additional benefits to being in a squad on Uloo:

  • Knowledge - we have a wealth of mentors, knowledge and resources. Oh and sharing is caring.
  • Connections - meet more people and people who are on the same journey as you
  • Inspiration - others can inspire you to do more and we have set up ways to inspire and support each other within the app.
  • Resources - There is not only the app, but the community, our blogs, the site and our mentors. The more people the more support. You can't do everything alone.
  • Sounding board - Last but not least we are here for you to listen to you and you can try ideas out on us, your squad and the mentors.

What more can I say. If you are not convinced yet, join Uloo and let's be stronger together!

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