5 Tips to Start Journaling

October 15, 2021 by Fergie Verantianes


More and more people are getting into the habit of keeping a journal or a diary. It’s because journaling is so much more than just writing or keeping notes. Journaling is a meditative exercise that can help us become more aware of our feelings, thoughts, and true self. If you would like to start journaling, here we have some tips on how to make it a smooth experience.

Choose Your Best Journaling Medium

It doesn’t have to be handwritten in a notebook. While it can help to slow you down and bring your attention to journaling, pen-and-paper is not the only way or the way that works best for you. Typing on a keyboard or journaling on your phone might be easier for you. And you don’t need to figure it out already; try out a few different ways and choose to commit to the journaling medium that you like best.

Follow Your Own Routine

Make journaling a fun routine! In order to help you build the habit of journaling that you commit to, you can dedicate time to this special routine on your day. Pick the best time for you to write your journal: it can be in the morning while you are sipping coffee, a short break of your afternoon walks in the park’s branch, on the subway during your daily commute, or nighttime on your comfy bed just before you sleep.

Start Small and Keep Building Up

Blank pages can be overwhelming, especially at the start. You can start small and get your words going at a comfortable pace, then build it up over time. Even one sentence is a good place to start. It might be a lovely thing someone said to you that day, something you are grateful for, tips to your future self, or a record of your feelings on that day.

Listen to Yourself

While journaling is a routine that can be built up to a healthy habit, there might be days where you don’t feel like following your usual prompts or style of journaling. That is completely fine. Listen to yourself and express that in your journal. Some days might have special celebrations that you can write three full pages of gratitude, some days you might encounter a really bad feeling that you can only express in one tiny drawing. Allow yourself to be true, that is the only thing where consistency is needed.

Keep It Only For You

Last but the most important tip: your journal is private only to you. The idea of someone might read your journal can limit your expression, so find a place or a way where you can keep it secure from others’ eyes.

When you are getting more comfortable in journaling, you can start analyzing and fine-tune your journal to serve what you are looking for. One goal that you can achieve through journaling is to discover your purpose in life. Do you want to try it together with us? Join our upcoming Team Challenge: 5 Day Journaling Challenge to Discover Your Purpose, guided by our self-discovery coach, Christine.

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