3 Easy Exercises to Increase Self-Awareness

September 28, 2021 by Fergie Verantianes


The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.

David Goggins

We are made of not just what we do but also what we think. Being aware of all the different aspects of yourself is fundamental in finding our purpose, shaping our authenticity, and building our character. While self-awareness focuses on oneself, it also leads us to understand what we need from others to support us in the path we are choosing to go.

Keep a Daily Journal

A good place to start to exercise self-awareness is by keeping a daily journal. Journaling is a way to record your feelings, thoughts, and events in your life to which you can look back and reflect. Having a journal allows you to see how you’ve changed with time, the way you react to certain events, and most importantly how much you have grown.

Visit a New Place

Taking yourself out of your routine and into novel situations enables you to be more self-aware. Visiting a new place far away by traveling will expose you to a new culture and help you rediscover your perspective on various matters. This forces you to observe your surroundings and measure your values. While traveling is relatively challenging in these times, you can also start small. Visit another neighborhood or area in your city that you have never been to before or take a weekend trip to a nearby city.

Ask for Feedback

We all have our own blind spots, some parts of ourselves that we find difficult to see. Asking someone will help us notice and see them. It would be best to ask someone you have a solid relationship with; family, partner, best friend; someone who you believe knows you enough. Start by asking small things and build up to the big questions you’d like to find about yourself. And, take it with an open heart. Keep in mind that it might bring you not-so-wonderful feelings when they point out your flaw, and that’s okay. Appreciate it, reflect on it, and work on improving it.

Those are the 3 easy exercises for you to start to be more aware of yourself. There are many more ways and ways that might fit you better. Explore more on self-awareness with one of our coaches, Stefani. In her next Group Coaching Program, 21 Days to Your Inner Power, Stefani will help us tap into our inner self and find our values, desires, and power. Join nowand rediscover yourself!

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