2022 Learning and Development Trends and Benefits for Your Company

May 09, 2022 by Fergie Verantianes


The learning and development landscape is constantly evolving, and to keep up with the latest trends, companies need to be prepared to adapt. In 2022, learning and development will focus on employee wellbeing, coaching, microlearning, and a few more. These trends are important for companies like yours because they promote employee growth and engagement, which will help organizational growth in return. Let's take a closer look at each of these trends.

Online & Mobile-First Learning

As technology advances, it's no surprise that the learning and development trend is moving online and becoming more mobile-friendly. In 2022, online and mobile learning will be the most preferred mode of learning for employees.

Since the pandemic hit, companies have been challenged to shape-shift their structure to go digital and this digital move proves to stick around. The shift also drives the learning and development structure to go online and mobile-first.

This trend is worth adopting as it is more engaging than traditional learning methods because being online and mobile-first, the learning can be much more interactive and tailored to your employees' needs.

Being online will also improve the participation rate of your employees as it means that they can access learning materials at any time and from anywhere. Not to mention that since you don't need the brick and mortar infrastructure to support the learning and development program, it will cut the organizational time and operation cost.

Collaborative Learning & Togetherness

Collaboration and social learninginvolve working with others to achieve a common goal. This type of learning takes place in a social setting, which encourages employees to exchange ideas and motivational support.

This trend is driven by companies that operate remotely, which has led to a sense of isolation for many of their employees. To overcome that challenge, the learning and development programs are more focused on collaborative learning to help employees feel more connected and supported.

By adopting collaborative learning, you can nurture your employees, not as separate individuals, but as a stronger team that moves towards the common goal together as a unity. Your company will benefit from the belongingness of your employees which will drive organizational productivity. After all, you might be able to upskill numerous learners at the same time when you bring employees with similar goals together, which is time and cost-efficient.


Bite-sized microlearning is not a recent invention in the field of learning and development. The concept was introduced in 1956 related to the cognitive psychologist George A. Miller's research on the short-term human brain's capability to hold memory (Miller's law).

To overcome the short-term learning barrier, microlearning was introduced to the education field, and recently adopted by human resources development in companies. This means that learning is delivered in short, easy-to-digest chunks, which makes it more manageable and less overwhelming for employees.

To name a few, Googleand Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathawayare among the top companies that have implemented microlearning to both upskill and promote well-being for their talents and employees.

Microlearning has become popular because it is effective. Studies show that microlearning implementation has increased knowledge transfer effectiveness by 17% and improved employee learning engagement by 50%.


In 2022, coaching will be one of the most popular learning and development methods. Coaching is a learning and development approach that involves a coach providing support, empowerment, feedback, and tools to a learner to help them achieve their development goals.

Coaching lies within the positive psychology concept, meaning that there doesn't need to be any problems or issues to do the coaching, instead, coaching needs to be implemented frequently as motivational support to unlock your employees' potential.

Coaching is effective because it is much more personalized to each of your employees. Even if it is implemented as collective coaching within a groupof employees or team, the experience is still personalized as it involves human connections with the coach, rather than a training or learning module.

According to a study, coaching has a huge influence on at least one of nine business metrics, with 77% of respondents claiming that it had an important impact. Furthermore, they discovered that overall productivity and employee satisfaction were the most favorably impacted elements. The study also concludes that for every dollar a company invests in coaching, they get $7.88 in return.

Soft Skills and Wellbeing

Another important trend to watch and follow is that learning and development will focus more on soft skills to support employees' wellbeing. This trend is driven by the increasing awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing in the workplace.

You must have heard about The Great Resignation, which is triggered by employees' low job satisfaction. It certainly is never a good thing when an employee resigns from their job as it can be costly for a company to recruit and train the replacement.

This is why more companies are now focusing the learning and development programs on soft skills and employees' well-being. The most common soft skillsthat will be included in learning and development programs are mindfulness, communication, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving.

By taking care of your talents and employees, you will gain from their well-being, productivity, and overall performance. At the top of it, you will be more likely to retain them longer.

Which Trend Is The Right One For Your Company?

What learning and development trends will your company follow in 2022? The answer to this question depends on many factors such as the company size, learning and development budget, learning needs analysis, and many more.

However, whichever learning and development trend you choose to follow, make sure that it can bring benefits first for your employees and then for your company as a whole.

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