As a company, we actively take our part to create a positive social and environmental impact for a better world.

What We Do

We contribute

a part of our revenue to fight climate change. Read more information here.

We partner

people coached to find their purpose and happiness by 2025.

We implement

with social nonprofit organizations in various field to help their projects and initiatives.

Help us grow our forest

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Our Commitment

We aim to be carbon neutralby 2023.

We aim to maintain > 90%of employee satisfaction rate.

We aim to reach 1000 peopleto get coached in Nature & Sustainability.


Our Impact

We are removing emissions of 869.7cars a year.

We are committing 1%of our revenues to carbon removal.

We are supporting 2nonprofit organizations in health and education.

Our website currently produces only 1.2grams of CO2 per page view.

Our servers are carbon neutral, powered by Google Cloud.

We are running a company paperlessoperations.

We are a fully remote company with 0commute.

Together we can make change happen

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