Your description shows why you're the best person to help your future coachee. In this article, we've gathered some tips to help you write the best description. We will review every description before they are published.


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Write in the first person, with "I"

Writing your description in the first person makes it more personal and creates already a connection with the coachee.

Pick the right picture

When users are looking for coaches, the picture is the first thing they will notice. They want to find someone trustful and nice.

Upload a high quality picture of yourself in the center of the frame, non-blurry.

Ideally, the picture will show yourself in the context of the topic you will be coaching.

Present yourself

Introduce yourself and say who you are as a person.

Talk about your qualifications

Coachees are looking for a coach who can ask the right questions. Show that you are an expert in your area.

Present the session

Talk a bit about what the coachees should expect from the session and how you can help them.

The don'ts

A couple of items that will lead to the rejection of your profile until it is fixed are:

  • Don't write the names of your projects.
  • Don't add any links.