Coaches are changing the world and enriching people's lives. As a result, Uloo is evolving into an exciting and colorful ecosystem. Whether you're just starting out as a coach or have years of experience, or even a large group of coaches, we welcome you to create your profile on Uloo and want to assist you understand our guidelines so you can be confident your profile will get accepted quickly.


The idea behind these guidelines is simple - we want to ensure a safe experience for the users and coaches on Uloo. We also want to make sure that coaches are who they say they are and have the proper qualifications. Finally, we want to create a level of quality and professionalism for coaches on our platform.

A few points to keep in mind:

  1. We also have Terms and a Privacy Policy that covers general information on how Uloo works.
  2. We'll notify you on the reasons why we reject your profile so you can update it and submit.
  3. Please note that we are humans too so sometimes the review can take more time.
  4. We reserve the right to reject coaches.


Please note that you are responsible for the accuracy of your profile. Coaches are held to a high standard on Uloo and we take safety seriously. Make sure that all your information is correct and up-to-date.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. Your profile, picture, or any content you upload on Uloo cannot contain discriminatory, hateful, or offensive content.
  2. Use of weapon, drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal activities is not allowed.
  3. Pornography, sexual, or any other inappropriate content is not allowed.


We have three main categories for our coaches "Mind & Heart", "Skills & Career" and "Nature & Sustainability". Please make sure your topic is relevant to at least one of these categories. If you don't know in which category your profile fits, please submit it to the one that is the closest, our team will review it and might suggest a different category during the review.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. Your topic doesn't correspond to the description you provide below.
  2. Your topic is not appropriate for our platform (see Safety section).


Like a lot of people we appreciate to see nice pictures in good quality. Your profile picture should be a clear and recent photo of you. Please make sure that your picture is appropriate and doesn't contain any offensive content.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. The picture doesn't have a good quality.
  2. The picture contains inappropriate content.
  3. The picture is not a picture of yourself.
  4. You are too small compared to the relative size of the picture


Your description is the first thing people will read about you, make sure it is well written and interesting. Please avoid copying and pasting your resume as it won't make a good impression.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. The description is poorly written, contains typos.
  2. The description doesn't correspond to your topic.
  3. The description doesn't describe what you do and who you are.

How to write a good description:

  1. Start by introducing yourself, who you are and what you do.
  2. Write your description in the first person to make it more personal and to create already a connection with the coachee.
  3. Paint a picture of what it's like to work with you.
  4. Share your values and how you can help people.
  5. Include a little bit about your experience.
  6. Make sure to proofread your profile before submitting!

To see some examples:

  1. Mind & Heart: Zhassulan 'Jazz'. Let's talk about Mindfulness and Holistic Meditation
  2. Skills & Career: Sinem Bahadirli. Let's talk about Career & Leadership
  3. Nature & Sustainability: Patrick. Let's talk about Mindfulness

Qualifications & Certifications

Your qualifications & certifications as a coach are an important part of your profile on Uloo. They help people understand your experience and what you're capable of teaching. Make sure to list all of your relevant qualifications & certifications in the "Qualifications" section of your profile. If you have any questions about what counts as a qualification or certification, please email us.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. Listing yourself as a professional coach and not having any qualifications & certifications listed.
  2. Listing qualifications & certifications that are irrelevant to coaching.


In your profile, you can define a pricing for every session you offer. We recommend that you set a price for your sessions, as this will help people know what to expect and how much they need to budget for their coaching.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. Not having a single session listed.
  2. The topic of your session is not relevant with the topic of your profile.


Links help your potential clients feel more connected to you and help them trust you more. . When creating a profile on Uloo, make sure to include links to your website, blog, and social media accounts.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

  1. Not having at least a link.
  2. The link you've provided is not working.
  3. The link you've provided is to an inappropriate website/blog/social media account.
  4. Your website, blog, or social media account doesn't look professional.
  5. Your link doesn't show your coaching.


Creating a profile on Uloo is a great way to connect with potential clients and share your coaching experience with the world. Make sure to follow our coach profile review guidelines to make sure your profile is accepted.

Here are some reasons why your profile can be rejected:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading!